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I'm Denise Schultz,
personal psychic,
animal communicator,
psychic mentor.

If you're looking for connection with your animal family, spiritual insight awareness, or mentoring to enhance your psychic skills, you're in the right place.  Professional psychic since 1997.

Just beginning?  
Want to know how good
you already are as a psychic?
Let me introduce you to yourself.

Hey, it's time!

Q. What's the biggest mistake you could be making?
A. Working only with people and animals you already know.  That can get in the way of your psychic insights. 
Q. What is the 2nd biggest mistake?
A. Thinking you aren't getting anything. Often, that is,
'Three thoughts are trying to get through a doorway,
and their shoulders are stuck.'

I help you to notice one piece at a time.
Then you realize how much you are getting.

Or, have you been at it forever and a day?
It's easier than it looks, until ...
You hit a blind spot,
you care too much about this one,
or you're just tired, and losing your edge?
Let me help you lift off, shift, and land.

Getting A Sense Of Me

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